Network with people in a group or at an event!

We allow organizations to create a private WishList group enabling
members or paid attendees to network more effectively before, during or after a gathering.

Have you ever joined a networking event or attended a conference and walked away feeling it was a waste of time?

We have. It stunk, so we did something about it.

Statistically speaking, the larger the group, the less likely you are to meet the right people....until now.

Your WishList enables you to meet people most interesting to you, whether in a group or any other WishList member. We email you leads daily or weekly based on your settings.

Find the needle in the haystack

We save you time by taking the guesswork out of who best to network with, using your WishList, your common contacts with the other member and our artificial intelligence to find the best match.

Search for intros to companies inside your group

Want to target a specific company?
See all relationships members of the group have in their address book.

See multiple ways to get the right introduction

You see UserNames and Mutual Contacts of the members who can introduce you.

Real names are only revealed once you make or accept a request. Even after being accepted, no contact data in your address book is ever shared.

Pricing is Simple!
It is 100% free for now for individuals!

Once we turn on the paywall, you will get 3 free accepted introductions a month, then $9.99/mo for unlimited monthly use.

Tell your group or event organzer you want to network with WishList!