Grow your community by providing more valuable networking opportunities.

We give you the analytics necessary to demonstrate the value of your community to members, attendees and sponsors.

Professionals engage in your community to find and
build valuable relationships. WishList makes the process easier.

Say you run a conference called ad:tech and two attendees, Ben and Lee, want to meet more relevant people before, during and after the show.

Networking made easy.

After setting up their respective WishLists, group members can immediately network within the group listing the organizer controls.

Ben sees the WishList is matching him with LLBV, which is the UserName for Lee.

We deliver relevant new networking opportunities to Ben's inbox year round.

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Or search by company.

If Ben wants an intro to a specific person or company, he can toggle between the Member Matching function.

Ben can search the entire group database in a unique and confidential way.

See WishList PDF for how.

Analytics track which members receive the most value, increasing your sponsorship opportunities.

Email your sponsors key information to demonstrate the value of your group or event.

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To receive full analytics, see pricing below.

# of Users < 100 < 1,000 < 5,000 < 10,000 > 10,000
Billed Annually $999Monthly $11.99 $9999Monthly $115.99 $29999Monthly $349.99 $599/99Monthly $695.99 $999/99Monthly $1,159.99